We have a team of program managers, technical specialists, researchers, data nerds, and development enthusiasts ready to help you and your organization learn what worked, what didn't, and how things can be re-imagined for greater impact. 

We pull together expertise in education, public health, child protection, economic empowerment, and equality to provide integrated consulting services.

Our expertise spans impact evaluations, operational research, developmental evaluation, monitoring systems, and capacity building.  We can help you carry out Early Grade Reading Assessments (EGRA), costing analyses, quantitative as well as qualitative research.

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We have expertise in quantitative and qualitative research to help you answer all the important questions:

  • What's the current situation?

  • How are we doing?

  • What have we accomplished?

  • What happened?

We specialize in study design, tool development, enumerator training, data collection, analysis, and reporting.

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A dollar spent on data that sits on the shelf, going unused, is a dollar wasted. We help you design easy, reliable tools and enable you to put your data to immediate use through interactive dashboards and reporting.  Leave the complicated stuff to us so that your staff have more time to make data-driven decisions in the field.  



It's tough to get all the individuals of a global organization on the same page.  We can help you carry out interactive and engaging trainings for project participants and staff.