How are we different?


Our experience managing and evaluating international development programs in more than 20 countries has prompted us to take a new approach.

In the projects we undertake, we seek to create jobs and establish sustainable business solutions that address social challenges for education.

The team at InformEd brings together experience from local implementation of education programming throughout Africa and Asia. We also know how to manage complex relationships between donors, funding agencies, global operation teams, project teams, and recipients after having worked directly with a variety of funding and donor agencies.

Our story is simple.  Through all of these years we have worked to make a positive impact on the developing world, we have seen many endeavors fail. The results of even the best efforts disappear after several years.  We recognize that new approaches are needed.  That's why we're working to set up self-sustaining, socially driven businesses. 

Through our consulting, we set up systems that enable evidence-informed programming and build local capacity to carry out, analyze, and interpret program data.  We carry out impact evaluations for donors and cross-country analyses for program refinement.  Through these activities, we bring clients and projects new ideas, insights, and offer fresh perspectives to the biggest challenges of today.