Monitoring, Learning, and Utilisation

We develop approaches, systems, and tools that enable development workers to effectively use evidence for informed decision-making. We’ve created electronic monitoring systems that automatically calculate and visualize key indicators. We also offer services that build local capacity to effectively use data throughout the project lifecycle.  

Examples of our work

Integrating the measurement of reading and numeracy outcomes in to financial literacy programme M&E


Aflatoun International had the desire to integrate reading and numeracy outcome measurement in to M&E practices for their financial literacy. We created a toolkit, that empowers clients and programme staff in measuring reading and numeracy in their local context, as measured by the PAL Network. The toolkit includes specific guidance on how to examine and quantify the interplay between financial literacy and learning outcomes.


Monitoring Education Quality Achieved (MEQA): Electronic Monitoring System for Education Programming

World Vision sought an electronic monitoring platform to collect data during Early Childhood Education progamming and within primary school classrooms to inform quality of implementation and the ongoing progress toward objectives of the education programme.  InformEd work with SMAP to create a suite of monitoring tools that examine the quality of education a child is receiving as well as the quality of the environment in which that child is being education. Feedback to teachers was automated so that before leaving the school, observers could encouragement and feedback for improvement. Indicators were measured and visualized on the online dashboard, which can be viewed here.