Programme Development

Using shared value and collective impact principles, InformEd works to create sustainable solutions to the education challenges of today. Current projects include Learning Links, School Leadership and Management, and Numeracy.

 Areas of expertise

  • Shared Value

  • Supply Chain

  • Collective Impact

  • Theories of Change


Examples of our Work

Learning Links

Many children around the world don't walk in to engaging classrooms everyday. Instead, their classrooms and libraries are bare. Learning Links is a new initiative aimed at transforming the book industry in developing countries. We connect teachers and schools to a production and distribution network for purchasing materials. We offer authors and designers access to buyers - ensuring they have not only sustainable incomes but also encouraging them to innovate and create new materials for students. By working within the supply chain, we have designed a project that creates jobs, promoting the development of high-quality creative books. Using the existing distribution streams, we’re ensuring that those books reach the hardest-to-reach communities, schools, and learners.

school leadership and management

SLaM Theory of Change

SLaM Theory of Change

In partnership with Save the Children Norway and Save the Children Nepal, we are creating a School Leadership and Management (SLaM) project model. The project is currently being developed in Surkhet, Nepal.

Learn more about our Theory of Change, the Developmental Evaluation approach we are undertaking, and our progress on the blog.