Seattle Evaluation Association: Launch!

Every year when we attend the American Evaluation Association (AEA) conference, we come back energized and excited to incorporate new skills and tools in to our work.  As an example, I left an AEA conference last year and promptly put my new data viz skills to work examining the graphics used as part of the election night. 

When I think of all the different conferences we have attended over the years, AEA stands out.  Firstly, presenters are constantly and consistently improving their presentations.  Secondly, there are a variety of session types/designs, which keeps things moving.  Finally, you walk away with real skills and tools that can be applied across sectors.  It’s a conference that isn’t just hey, here’s what I did.  Rather, it’s hey, here’s how I did this cool thing and how you can do it too.

To build a piece of that vibrant community locally here in the Pacific Northwest (and to fill the void between annual AEA conferences), we’re kicking off the Seattle Evaluation Association.  We’ve been working with the American Evaluation Association to establish the official Local Affiliate.  While we’re spearheading the initiative, we’re looking for folks across all different sectors of evaluation to join.  Our goal is to establish a vibrant community of evaluators in the greater Seattle area.  We want to create a space for collaboration, support, and the exchange of ideas. Hope you can join!